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This is the perfect way to take those old photographs, slides, negatives, video, film, or any other media out of the closet or basement, and make it into something fun and exciting! Create something you can show in a multimedia capacity to friends, family, or just to have for yourself.

We're big believers in keeping recorded history safe for the future. Pictures can dull and fade, negatives can get lost easily, film cracks and splits, videotapes deteriorate over time - but this is a great way to get them all quicky and easily put on a new medium - DVD - which had a shelf life of up to 150 years! We can create montages out of them, or simply transfer them for you, whichever you'd prefer.

There are many options we offer, and we give you a lot to choose from. While we are happy to show our services on our website, please call us for a personalized quote, so we can make sure we're doing the best job for you that we can! Thank you for keeping history safe for the future, and thank you for choosing!

Jane & Matt Harnick



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